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Managed Mobile Contracts

Throughout 2019, Eden have seen an increase in the number of customers asking for information and proposals based around our mobile contract offering. The main reasons behind the requests seems to be the dissatisfaction of customer service levels from the carriers or the larger resellers.

As mobile is becoming more important for colleagues to stay in contact with customers, the office and each other, downtime of a handset or a connection needs to be kept to a minimum. And for whoever’s desk the task of internally managing the mobiles lands on - be it the IT Manager, Administration Team or a member of the Management Team – it is often nothing more than a ‘time thief’ getting in the way of the key tasks that they are measured on.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ model for mobiles.

We find it very important to find out all we can about the usage of end users and their future requirements. Reviewing past bills allows us to analyse usage and look to reduce costs – particularly on overspend.

Eden have different billing platforms and contract models available which allows us to put together the best package based on YOUR usage and needs. Whether you are on a flexible tariff on the Eden billing platform or you have a more structured contract with kit fund and billing directly from the carrier, you can be sure that your account will be managed to the highest level and the tariff will be fully explained and tailored to your requirements.

So, what are the benefits of working with Eden?

  1. You have a dedicated Account Manager and Customer Services Team that field all calls or emails, cutting the amount of time you are waiting on the phone on hold for someone to assist.

  2. Response times for resolving issues are vastly reduced. For our contracts on our own billing platform, we have full ownership and visibility of all connections, allowing our team to complete many tasks immediately. SIM swaps can be completed within minutes.  

  3. Regular customer bill reviews and tariff checks can be arranged on customer request.

  4. Flexible Contract options allow Eden to put together packages to suit each customer.

  5. Where kit funds are required, we have options to use this upfront, paid as cash-back, or as a credit on your account for when it's required and can be used for any new handsets, refurbished handsets, accessories, IT hardware or similar.  

Can we review your mobile contract for you?

We would very much like to speak with you face-to-face or over the phone to discuss your current contracts and what Eden can do to consolidate your requirements, reduce costs where possible and provide you with a service that alleviates time and pressure from your organisation.


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