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What is the 'Internet of Things'?

What is the


IOT – What is it?

We have all heard of the Internet of Things, but do you understand the benefits this technology can bring to your company?

More than 40% of organisations expect the Internet of Things to transform their business through cost-saving or new revenue streams. This figure is predicted to rise to 60% over 5 years. Even though these figures show the future is bright for IoT, most organisations have no technical or business leadership established.


So what is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest buzz word hitting social media platforms, in its simplistic terms it is ability to transfer data over a network without needing human interaction.

It has evolved from wireless technology and the internet to create intelligent objects on a global scale. Development of sensors and wireless communication has allowed us to make inanimate objects become intelligent and give them the ability to connect to each other and the environment.


How can I benefit from this? 

Any company, no matter what size, can benefit from the IoT. Everyday life from managing airport passenger flows to heating buildings and caring for the elderly can be transformed.

With the cost of computing devices at an all-time low, RF devices and IP interfaces have made automation at home a reality. Companies such as British Gas have developed an internet connected central heating controller to allow its customers to manage their system remotely at the touch of a button.


The Internet of Things will provide Real Time communication between machine to machine applications, allowing you to administer better service to your clients, and manage devices remotely saving expensive travelling costs and call out charges.

Understanding the IoT will allow your company an edge over the competition. Being able to provide preventative measures than reacting when issues occur allows you to serve your customers better with excellent customer care.

Eden can provide a multitude of communication options including 3G, 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. These essential features are key to building a portfolio of relevant products to enable the Internet of Things to work.

Android is becoming the standard operating system for the Internet of Things, the expansion of smart devices and the way they connect to each other has let Google give away its software to device makers and developers. As the software platform is open-source anyone can fine tune the code and use it within any gadget they want.

This will provide you and I with the ability to enable our workplaces and homes to be fully automated. More and more manufacturers have realised the trend and have heavily invested in Android operating systems. 

Certain devices can now act as a mobile phone and gain real time data updates using Bluetooth, 3G & 4G capabilities. Integrated 1D and 2D scan engines allow fast scanning capabilities where necessary.   

Speak with Eden to find out more about the latest devices which can be utilised by your organisation. Start looking at IoT today. Everyone else is!

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