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The Minefield Of Mobile Contracts

DOUBLE DATA”, “FREE HANDSET”, “UPGRADE ANYTIME”, “UPGRADE EARLY”. How do you know if the mobile contract you see or the one you are sold is the right one for you and the best deal?

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Most people look at contract options as ‘what am I getting?’. Try asking ‘what do I actually need?

Signing a contract shouldn’t be a two-year prison sentence!

Here are some basic facts and secrets about how the mobile market works and how you should approach your next renewal:

What does all this mean though? Getting a full review of your current contracts and latest bills can be really eye-opening. Generally, the usage (especially data consumption) is a lot lower than you would think.

Finding the best options for you isn’t rocket science. It is basically a matter of putting together a few main factors and building the contract up from scratch to meet your needs.

This is what Eden advise:

AND FINALLY….. your account will need managing over the term of the contract. Analysis of your bills is key to keep your tariff in check. As mentioned earlier, usage and demands change. They are likely to change within the period of your contract.

Partnering with a trusted advisor or a dealer rather than a network directly should provide you with this service, along with added features, such as a dedicated Account Manager or a friendly Customer Service team that you will get to know. Turnaround times for requests are generally quicker.

Granted, you will probably be offered more kit fund from the networks, which can look very attractive at the beginning of your contract term, but beware of the monthly charges, lead times for queries, the time you will spend sitting on hold to speak to someone and the lack of warnings for overspend.

Mobile Contracts don't have to be complicated…. JUST ASK EDEN!


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