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Our Water Damage Survival Guide!

Our Water Damage Survival Guide! Image

So, you dropped your smartphone into the bath or washing up bowl, fumbled it into the loo or simply got caught in an unexpected downpour? Your phone is drenched so what should you do and, more importantly, what should you not do?

Our technicians at Eden Repair Centre have taken time out to explain the best practices for improving the chances of a full recovery when water damage occurs.

CLICK HERE to see our "Water Damage Survival Guide".

It is widely accepted that liquids and electronics don’t go well together. While you may be sat at your desk thinking "I am quite careful with my devices, the worst won't happen to me", a simple accident can lead to catestrophic results for your device, and worse still, the data it carries. 

In truth water damage can affect anyone at anytime, so BEFORE it happens, ask yourself this;

“If I lost my phone to water damage today, what else would I lose?”


While many of the phone numbers and email addresses can be regathered, important documents, family photos of children, pets and memorable occasions are irreplaceable.

These are the reasons why Eden feel that reliable backup solutions should be a must for all mobile device owners.

With a wide range of back-up facilities available you may have questions like:

Which solution should I choose?

How much storage do I need?

Which is the most secure option?

Is my data safe in the cloud?


This is where Eden can help you. If you need help or advice setting up a data backup service for you or your company, get in touch with our team who can discuss your specific needs and help provide the solution that best fits your requirements.

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