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£3000 Connection Voucher Scheme extended until 2016!

£3000 Connection Voucher Scheme extended until 2016! Image


Small to Medium businesses now have more opportunity to apply for grants of up to £3000 for the installation of superfast connectivity. 

The scheme is available across ‘superconnected’ cities in the UK and has now extended into new areas. 

On 3 December, the Chancellor announced that the Government will make up to £40m available from April 2015 to March 2016 to support more cities who want to administer The Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme.


How does it work?

Grants of up to £3,000 (minimum Grant is £250.00) are available to cover the capital and equipment costs of upgrading your broadband connection. You pay the VAT charged and the monthly line rental to your service provider. The monthly costs vary by provider and package, but a quarter of businesses pay £40 per month or less.


What connectivity is available to me?

Eden can deliver a range of services including a single Broadband connection, cost effective ‘Ethernet First Mile’ (EFM) options and wired or wireless leased line solutions. We will work for you to find out if you are in an eligible area and provide a quote on the service you require to meet the budget that you have. From there, we will provide all the support and information you require to apply for the Connectivity Voucher.


Who is eligible to apply?

Broadband Connection Vouchers are available to Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs) if:


What can the connection vouchers be used for?

Eden can deliver wired or wireless leased line solutions. The key point to be eligible is that the new connection must deliver a step change in your connectivity. Your business grade connection must have both of the following characteristics:


What happens now?

Just Ask Eden!! Once we find out if you are in an eligible area we will provide a quote on the service you require. We will then give you instructions to apply for the Voucher through your local council’s website. Once your quote has been approved you will have 28 days to place your order with Eden. Once the connection is made you will need to make your claim and send your Eden invoice to your local council. You will then receive a letter to say how much grant you have received. Eden will help you with these steps wherever required.


Do you want to know more about the scheme?

You can contact Eden on 0113 892 1115 or

You can also CLICK HERE to start your journey to faster connectivity with Eden.

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